Trophy Wives / Lions Lions Tour Blog - Dallas, Tx

Today was a great day. Travis and Tyler had an old high school buddy who is now living in Texas….and he’s the production manager of a whiskey distillery. Needless to say we were down to go and take a tour, and some shots! Chris was the man! He hooked it up and gave us some great whiskey tastings. Let me tell you, if you have ever had 130proof whiskey straight out of the barrel first thing in the morning, you know the pain we were feeling….but it was a great tasty pain. After drinking many many water bottles we made it to the venue and the boys rocked out The Curtain Club in Dallas, TX.



Trophy Wives / Lions Lions Tour Blog - San Antonio, TX

Texas! I had the pleasure of visiting Texas earlier in the year, but this time around I got to see some places I hadn’t previously seen, one of those being San Antonio. The whole time driving to the venue we kept seeing signs towards the Alamo. Naturally being the history nerd I am, I took off at the first opportunity I had to go explore the town and see the Alamo. Safe to say San Antonio is a pretty cool little town!


Trophy Wives / Lions Lions Tour Blog - Oklahoma City

Sometimes, when you are on the road you don’t always come across Wi-Fi. After driving seven and a half hours to Oklahoma City we decided to stop and crash in the nearest Wal-Mart parking lot. Waking up to the summer breeze in 80+ degree weather felt like heaven, even with 5 other sweaty dudes in the van. We then decided to have a cookout in the Target parking lot. Fun Fact: It’s not illegal to drink in the parking lot of a Target….If you don’t get caught.



Trophy Wives / Lions Lions Tour Blog - St Louis

I had the great misfortune of getting sick right as we were supposed to leave for tour, and I just couldn't take the chance that I would get one of the guys sick and affect their performance, so after missing the first few days of tour, I flew out and met up with the guys in Chicago. After an amazing Easter dinner with some family the guys had out here, we trekked on to St. Louis. Having never been here before seeing the famous arch was certainly a priority. Unfortunately there was a buttload of construction going on and we didn't get to actually get under the arch, but we got pretty damn close and got some decent promos on the way as well!


Drum Video with Ben Kazenoff from Elitist

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Ben K, who plays in the band Elitist. He wanted to shoot a drum video of him doing a run-through of one of their new songs. I drove down to the wonderful Westfall Recording Studios located in Long Island. The producer; Anthony was very accommodating and we nailed the shoot in only a few takes. Afterwards I snagged a few photos and portraits of Ben and that was a wrap!