Taking Opportunities

One of the biggest issues I find myself facing is when to take the opportunity to stop and take a shot. A lot of the time I'll be driving somewhere (as I tend to travel often for work) and I'll see something and say to myself " Oh wow, that would make for a cool photo!", or "wow the light is perfect right now" and then I continue to drive. I think about the possible photo that could have been, but I never stop and take the photo. I am making a conscious effort to change that. This shot was taken on a roadside in Long Island. Originally I drove past and thought "wow the clouds and light are on point for a photo with this subject" but as I saw no parking lot near I drove on. A few seconds later I pulled a quick U-turn and pulled over as far as I could on the side of the road. Careful to not get hit by the passing cars, I got out and snapped the shot. I am very happy how it turned out, and even happier that I took the time to stop, slow down and actually take the shot I saw happening in my head. We as photographers sometimes strive to take the perfect shot in the perfect setting, and sometimes we shelve ideas or shots when things aren't perfect. Take the shot. Nothing will ever be perfect and more often than not you will be pleasantly surprised of the outcome of a shot that isn't "perfect"