Trophy Wives / Lions Lions Tour Blog - San Diego, CA

San Diego.....founded by the Germans. Spanish for a whale's vagina. California is beautiful! We were supposed to play a show at a place called Woody’s Burgers, until the sound guy decided to not do his job, called out and went to a Brand New show instead of working. Impromptu day off! We did not complain and headed right for the waterfront. The Gaslamp District was awesome, so many little cool bars and eaterys. After a few beers and shots we ended up at a place called “New Yorker Pizza” of course. I drove cross-country to eat food styled after where I came from…. At least the bourbon was on point! Somehow on our stumbles back we came across the bar where the “sleezy scene” in Top Gun was filmed. I tried to request Highway to the Danger Zone be played but they weren’t having it. Finally we ended up at the house of one of the local bands we were supposed to play with. They hooked it up with shots of Patron and Pizza, and then a very drunken podcast happened. Glad to know my brain has become hardwired to know camera settings and take a decent photo during a night like that!